Custom Targeting option can save you money

Posted in New to PPC at 6:54 pm by PPC Guy

Google now allows advertisers to their customers from any geographic location worldwide. Historically, Google has only allowed advertiser to target ads based on
Countries, Cities and Regions. As you know, this has many restrictions, because not all cities are included in their list. In addition, if you’re a regional company that only provides your services to a few select locations, then you might be paying for unqualified visitors.

Now, with Google’s customized targeting option, you have complete control of who sees your ads. You now have the ability to choose a custom location based on latitude and longitude. Google provides three different customized targeting options:

  1. Radius around an address - You can target customers in a circular area around any location.

  2. or polygon

  3. Radius around a longitude/latitude - Instead of specifying an address you can pick a .